Thursday, March 4, 2010

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I wonder....should we tell the greenies what kind of hell they are producing? You know....those people who are indoctrinating our children about how fossil fuels are killing the planet and how Mommy and Daddy are very bad people for driving their mini-van in the carpool to school. Let's see..if a rainforest is decimated by idiots, does a person with a brain get to sentence them to life in the sahara without water. It's kind of like getting a hair cut. If it turns out badly, you can't have the barber put it back. The damage these idiots are doing to the planet in the name of "saving the planet" is enough to make me want to punish them severely....maybe 1000 years in the clinker, tie them up to one of those blades on the damn windmills for 100 years, or maybe stick them in a small room with a thousand broken compact fluorescent light bulbs. The problem is, you can lead an idiot to the truth, but you can't make them understand it.

So, today, after the last few months of revelations of fraud in the "Global Warming / Climate Change" scam, now we have the Brits explaining how bio-fuels are so much worse for the planet than fossil fuels. They have also found that prior studies on this were faked, twisted, manipulated, and generally full fledged lies in order to prop up the bio-fuel businesses. ya think? How does that translate to Al Gore and his cute little carbon trading investments? I'll let you figure that out.

From the TIMES Online in the UK

"Most companies met part of their biofuel obligation by buying palm oil, one of the cheapest fuels but potentially the most damaging to the environment because of the carbon released when forest is burnt down to create plantations. Expansion of the industry has made Indonesia the third-largest CO2 emitter after China and the US. A litre of palm oil produced on land converted from Indonesian forest produces roughly three times as much CO2 as ordinary diesel."

And: Another article from the TIMES Online in the UK

"Clearing rainforest for biofuel plantations releases carbon stored in trees and soil. It takes up to 840 years for a palm oil plantation to soak up the carbon emitted when the rainforest it replaced was burnt. Biofuels are worse for the environment than fossil fuels.

News flash: Your SUV is not to blame for a fictional global disaster. But the environmentalistas are to blame for some very real environmental disasters. There has to be some Freudian psychology behind this, but there isn't an insane-asylum big enough to house this many idiots.

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