Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chicago School Idolizes American's Enemies

Can't help but wonder if Bill Ayer's didn't have a hand in this fiasco!! Go to link to view complete letter.
Chicago School Idolizes American's Enemies
by Larry Nazimek and Clairice Still
We recently received a letter from one of our readers, Larry Nazimek, telling of a school, “Ninos Heros Academic Center,” in Chicago school district 299, that is named in honor of those who opposed the U.S. in the Mexican War of 1847.
These youth are being held up as heroes for our children, and we wonder why we have problems in this country???
Here is an excerpt from the letter Larry sent to Chicago Board of Education’s Arne Duncan:
Ninos Heros (also spelled “Heroes”) refers to six Mexican military cadets who jumped to their deaths (Some accounts say that all 6 jumped, while others say that 5 died fighting, and only the last one jumped.) from Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, rather than surrender to U. S. forces who were attacking the Castle during our Mexican War in 1847. This account is a historical fact that can be found in history books and tourist books about Mexico City.
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