Sunday, January 25, 2009

The previous post up to this point have been 'borrowed' from a good friend and mutual fan of mine on Stumble Upon ...a social website. His screen name was Squiote ( His real name was Donald Bartholomay. This is the description he provided on his profile:
squiote is a married guy from Florida, USA
"ILLIGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM"... I'm a retired U.S. Army CWO-4 Helicopter Pilot and a proud and patriotic American. I HATE SEEING MY AMERICA DENIGRATED..... MY WORLD, AS I KNOW IT, IS WHAT I POST ON THESE PAGES.

He was a modest man, but I did find these tidbits at the beginning of his SU (StumbleUpon) blog.

Squiote died a few months ago...and today I discovered on another SU friends blog that there is a video on YouTube as a tribute to Don......In memory of Uncle Don.....gonna try to attach it with this post.

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